Nov 2019

PERU LNG holds talks and delivers recipe books to prevent anemia and malnutrition in homes in Cañete, Chincha and Huamanga

More than 800 people participated in academic activities taught by specialist Milagros Agurto in Huamanga, Chincha and Cañete As part of the series of conferences that PERU LNG has been organizing for…

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Sep 2019

Terminal portuario de PERU LNG recibe premio del Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia-Pacífico – APEC por su gestión ambiental

El Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia – Pacífico (APEC) otorgó a PERU LNG el Green Port Award System 2019, en reconocimiento a sus ejemplares prácticas ambientales en las instalaciones marítimas.…

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Aug 2019

Student from the National University of Engineering will continue her studies in the United States thanks to the PERU LNG Scholarship

Lesly Mamani is a chemical engineering student from the National University of Engineering (Peru) and the first woman who has won the PERU LNG Scholarship, after passing demanding tests and interviews. Lesly…

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Jun 2019

PERU LNG’s Management Committee Meeting took place in Ayacucho for the first time

The MCM is PERU LNG’s shareholder board meeting that takes place three times a year with the aim of reviewing the business status, the annual budget (especially for any unforeseen change) as well as…

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Jun 2019

PERU LNG donates housing modules to the Peruvian Air Force

On June 28, Maria Julia Aybar, Vice President and General Manager of PERU LNG, was the guest of honor in the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Peruvian Air Force’s Special Force Group (GRUFE for its…

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May 2019

Families in Chincha, Huamanga and Cañete attended a lecture on respectful parenting, organized by PERU LNG

More than 800 people received guidance from RPP radio conductor Rachel Watson, who is also a psychologist. PERU LNG organized and held a conference on “Respectful Parenting: Learning to Establish Boundaries…

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