BOOKLETS Updated Jan 27 2020

Biodiversity Action Plan – SPE

BOOKLETS Updated Dec 5 2016

Penguins Cartoon

The incredible story of two penguins who found a new place to live.
BOOKLETS Updated Dec 2 2016

Plant identification guide

Common plants identification guide for PERU LNG gas pipeline right-of-way.
BOOKLETS Updated Dec 20 2016

Amphibian and Reptile Identification Guide

This catalog provides information on the general aspects of the biology of amphibians and reptiles, data on their scientific nomenclature, names in Spanish, Quechua and English, criteria for their identification, habitat and distribution along the PERU LNG pipeline.
BOOKLETS Updated Dec 20 2016

Fish Identification Guide

It includes basic information for the correct identification of the most common marine species that inhabit the marine terminal of PERU LNG’s plant. It also features explanatory texts and images that allow the understanding of specific aspects, such as the fundamentals and criteria for the identification as well as the common and scientific name of the fish, in addition to the characteristics that differentiate them.
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