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Two PERU LNG projects awarded by PERU 2021

PERU LNG obtained two awards in two of the eight categories of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Awards granted each year by Peru 2021. This non-profit organization is made up of companies that aim to lead the business sector by incorporating Social Responsibility as an agent of change and contribute to the development of the country. Of the companies that participated in the competition, PERU LNG was one of the eleven companies that were recognized.

PERU LNG's Capacities Program for Public Investment Management project won first place in the "Civil Society and Government" category. This program contributes to strengthening the capacities of the technical teams in charge of formulating and managing public investment projects in the district municipalities of Vinchos, Chiara and Acosvinchos in the province of Huamanga in the department of Ayacucho. The project also provides technical assistance for the formulation of technical files and the search for public financing sources in coordination with the participating municipalities.

In the "Environment" category, PERU LNG was awarded first place for its Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program (BMAP). The BMAP evaluates and monitors species and habitats important to stakeholders over the long term and determines the status of these species and their changes over time in order to respond with appropriate and adaptive management to conditions that may arise during project implementation. BMAP's contributions have contributed enormously to the knowledge of national biodiversity, especially in the high Andean region where biological studies have been more limited.