997 families have benefited improved livestock

997 families have benefited improved livestock

Oct 2008

Animal health campaigns developed with the support of PERU LNG by the National Institute of Agricultural Health (SENASA) improve cattle, goat, sheep and camelid rearing in high Andean communities.

The purpose of the animal health campaigns is to reduce diseases, common to livestock and camelids and improve animal productivity. With the support of PERU LNG, SENASA has developed sixteen campaigns in the following communities: Secceslambras, Pomapuquio, Acocro, Minascorral, Allpachaca, Paucho, Anchihuay Sierra, Chiquintirca, Socos and Huaychao in Ayacucho; and in Huancavelica: Ccarhuacpampa, Pillpichaca, Llillinta – Ingahuasi, Santa Rosa de Tambo, Ayaví and Huaytará.

Training in animal health issues is provided to families that own livestock and camelids, in addition to a vaccination program that also includes sheep dogs, since they carry and transmit diseases.

Community health workers have been identified in each community, health committees have been formed to receive training from SENASA and a basic veterinary first aid kit has been implemented so that the benefits of the campaign are sustainable over time.

Until now, 49,354 animals owned by 997 families engaged in the agricultural and livestock activity have been vaccinated.




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