Schools of Chincha and Cañete received Environmental Award from PERU LNG

Schools of Chincha and Cañete received Environmental Award from PERU LNG

22 Jan 2021

Highlighting the important work of educational centers that promote the care of the environment for the benefit of their community, the company PERU LNG presented the winning schools of the first edition of its Environmental Award 2020.

Through a virtual ceremony and the delivery of computer equipment as a prize for each of the chosen institutions, the IEP Melchorita Saravia of Chincha was recognized in first place, which presented a project led by 5th grade students. This consists of transforming organic and recyclable solid waste into bio-compost, and then implementing bio-gardens in the homes of the students, thus addressing the problem behind the management of solid waste and the improvement of their families’ diet.

In second place is the IEP Imperial-CNI of Cañete that developed, together with the IEP N° 21508 San Isidro, a proposal to promote the responsible use of water, through internal competitions, developing the artistic expression and learning skills of the students. Also, they worked on a project to reuse water from the laundry rooms in the toilets and in the irrigation of green areas in the area.

“In PERU LNG we feel proud to spread the good practices that are promoted from the educational front, for the care and conservation of our environment. These recognitions are an important sign that the situation is not an impediment to developing sustainable initiatives that contribute to the development of the community, which is one of our main values,” said Maria Julia Aybar, vice president and general manager of PERU LNG.

It is worth mentioning that the qualifying jury for the PERU LNG 2020 Environmental Award was composed of the Local Educational Management Unit (UGEL), the MatLab Peru mathematical laboratory and PERU LNG.



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