Two PERU LNG projects win PERU 2021 Awards

Two PERU LNG projects win PERU 2021 Awards

Dec 2014

PERU LNG won two Social and Environmental Responsibility awards granted by Peru 2021 in two out of eight categories. Peru 2021 is a non-profit organization composed of companies aimed at leading the business sector by having social responsibility serve as an agent of change and contribute to the country’s development. PERU LNG was one of eleven companies recognized by Peru 2021 from all participating companies.

PERU LNG’s Public Investment Capacity Building Program won first place in the “Civil Society and Governance” category. This program contributes to strengthening the skills of technical teams in charge of formulating and managing public investment projects in the district municipalities of Vinchos, Chiara and Acosvinchos, in the province of Huamanga, department of Ayacucho. This project also provides technical assistance in the formulation of technical files and the search for financing in coordination with participating municipalities.

PERU LNG’s Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program (BMAP) also won first place in the “Environment” category. BMAP evaluates and monitors on a long-term basis species and habitats which are important to stakeholders and determines the status of these species and their changes throughout time to take response action in an adequate fashion and in keeping with the conditions which could arise during the implementation of the project. BMAP has substantially contributed to developing knowledge about national biodiversity, particularly in the upper highlands where fewer biological studies had been carried out in the past.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the members of the teams led by Pablo Taborga and Julio Rojas on the design and implementation of these programs, including teamwork carried out with the Corporate Affairs and Communications Office, particularly to Alejandra Ruiz de Somocurcio.

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