President Garcia visits the PERU LNG Plant

President Garcia visits the PERU LNG Plant

May 2008

The President of Peru, Alan Garcia Perez, visited the PERU LNG plant facilities today.  Located at the kilometer 170 of the Pan-American Highway, once the construction is complete in mid-2010, the PERU LNG plant will be the fourteenth of its kind in the world and the first one in South America.  PERU LNG is a US$3.8 billion dollar project, representing the largest investment in the history of Peru.  The PERU LNG plant also sets a world class example for engineering and construction excellence, safety standards, and environmental and social responsibility.

President Garcia declared that PERU LNG “is the most important project that is being constructed in the country.” He went on to emphasize that the project plays an important role in “a historic change for the country that will allow Peru to stop being an importer of energy and become an exporter of energy.”

The PERU LNG plant has made much progress recently; the LNG tank walls are now halfway complete and the marine trestle bridge is 450 meters long, of a total of 1,300 meters. The LNG tanks will be the largest in Peru at 50 meters high and 80 meters wide.

The project’s large scale plays an important part in the national Peruvian economy and locally in the surrounding areas of Cañete and Chincha.  To date the project has already invested US$1.3 billion dollars, of which more than US$180 million have been invested in Peru and more than US$2.2 million locally in Cañete and Chincha.  In addition, more than 8,500 Peruvians have worked directly for the project to date, through approximately 120 Peruvian businesses that have participated in different aspects of construction.

PERU LNG represents a great achievement for Peru in terms of social responsibility.  The project has launched sustainable development programs in the areas of influence of the project to promote agricultural development and capacity building for local leaders to facilitate the implementation of development and infrastructure programs.

Barbara Bruce, General Manager of PERU LNG, said “we are proud to receive President Alan Garcia today here in the plant and delighted to share with him the progress we have made in building the LNG plant that will position Peru as a world energy leader and generate opportunities, economic growth and employment for Peruvians.”


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