Families in Chincha, Huamanga and Cañete attended a lecture on respectful parenting, organized by PERU LNG

Families in Chincha, Huamanga and Cañete attended a lecture on respectful parenting, organized by PERU LNG

May 2019

More than 800 people received guidance from RPP radio conductor Rachel Watson, who is also a psychologist.

PERU LNG organized and held a conference on “Respectful Parenting: Learning to Establish Boundaries for Children” in Cañete, Chincha and Huamanga. This time the speaker was Rachel Watson, a well-known psychologist who conducts the “Sin Vueltas” radio program at Radio Programas del Perú (RPP).

Watson gave parents some guidelines to help them set healthy boundaries with their kids in certain circumstances, and clearly explained what happens if they follow or fail to follow the established limits. The key lies in setting limits in positive ways, that is, bearing in mind the fact that each child is unique and needs different motivations, establishing clear rules, and setting realistic targets. She stressed that parents should be firm when they say “no” to their kids.

Rachel Watson also explained that when children are raised with love and respect, they become more confident, which in turn improves their self-esteem.  She added that when children get quality time and individual attention from their parents, they feel that they are valued, which prepares them to interact with other persons.

Moreover, Rachel stressed that it is important for parents to accept their children’s mistakes and errors and to express their willingness to support them. She warned that the idea children have of themselves closely reflects the opinions that parents have expressed of them. This is why it is so important for children to feel fully accepted by their parents.

These lectures are part of the activities that PERU LNG has been organizing for the past 10 years to create the necessary spaces to discuss topics which help improve the standard and quality of living of families.

María Julia Aybar, General Manager of PERU LNG, pointed out that the company is very pleased that people welcome and participate in the events organized by PERU LNG. She added that PERU LNG will continue betting on specialists who offer guidance on topics which promote family wellbeing.

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