Key equipment for natural gas liquefaction arrives at PERU LNG’s plant

Key equipment for natural gas liquefaction arrives at PERU LNG’s plant

Apr 2008

On April 10, 2008 the equipment that is the heart of the PERU LNG plant arrived. The “heat exchanger” is the central machine at the plant, chilling the gas to less than 163 ° centigrade, transforming it into liquid.

The heat exchanger was built in United States, by APCI (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.), and arrived to the Pisco Port on April 3rd aboard the Ocean Atlas ship, to be transferred to its final destiny at PERU LNG plant, almost 105 kilometers north of the Port.

At 43 meters long, 5 meters wide, 6 meters high and 286.000 tons, the equipment left the Pisco Port on April 4th. Traveling late at night and early in the morning each day, the trucks carrying the heat exchanger traveled an average of 7 hours and 35 kilometers per day, at only 5 kilometers per hour.

In an effort to maintain traffic flow on the highways, security in local communities and the safety of the PERU LNG project team, several special rest stops and five overpasses were constructed along the Pan-American South highway along the route to the plant.

Due to the large size of the equipment, the team of PERU LNG along with contractors CB&I and Stiglich, prepared for 6 months to transport the heat exchanger. The team also worked with the National Direction of Special Operations, the Special Services Unit and the highway police to ensure all necessary precautions were in place before beginning the transport operation.

This transport represents a great achievement for the PERU LNG and a job well done by all those involved in its execution.


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