Over 900 people attended Entrepreneurs Evening events organized by PERU LNG

Over 900 people attended Entrepreneurs Evening  events organized by PERU LNG

Dec 2017

During the events, held in Huamanga, Cañete and Chincha, Ángel Calvo and his popular character Nicolasa shared some valuable tips that all entrepreneurs should take into account.

The Entrepreneurs Evening event organized by PERU LNG allowed more than 900 participants, including young people and entrepreneurs from Huamanga, Chincha and Cañete, to know more about the challenges that entrepreneurs face every single day in our country.

During his live performance entitled “I want to become a winner; myths and truths about entrepreneurship”, Ángel Calvo, accompanied by Nicolasa, explained in a funny way the challenges, problems, and circumstances encountered by people who decide to pursue a business venture.

Calvo availed himself of the opportunity to share with participants a number of tools, ideas, and useful tips which could help them make a business project succeed. During his standup comedy performance, Calvo shared his own experience as an entrepreneur, disclosing details and explaining circumstances which are usually not taken into account but form part of the experience of engaging in entrepreneurial activities.

The Entrepreneurs Evening is a free event organized by PERU LNG since 2010 to promote business projects among the population. “It has allowed us training thousands of entrepreneurs in Huamanga, Cañete and Chincha. At PERU LNG, we foster entrepreneurship to make the economy more dynamic in the areas where we are present”, David Lemor, Director Corporate Affairs and Communications, said.

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