PERU LNG trains more than 1600 entrepreneurs in innovation

PERU LNG trains more than 1600 entrepreneurs in innovation

Oct 2018

The Company organized First Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meeting in Cañete, Chincha and Huamanga.

Professors of recognized universities of Peru and Spain trained more than 1600 entrepreneurs from Cañete, Chincha and Huamanga in the First Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meeting organized by Peru LNG in the aforementioned provinces.

The event was attended by small business entrepreneurs, university students and students from higher education institutes, who actively participated sharing their experiences and consulting on how to apply the knowledge acquired in their own projects and initiatives.

Through a dynamic format, the lecturers focused on providing tools for innovation, sustainable business design and creative thinking leaving a clear message to the attendees about the importance of business innovation and how it allows the growth of business.

Lecturer Jontxu Pardo, a postgraduate professor of innovation in business management, design thinking and entrepreneurship in sustainable business, explained basic concepts of innovation, developed the topic of high impact ventures and lectured on the importance of innovating.

University professor Maria Laura Cuya, CEO of Innova Founding, addressed the weaving of a business model that facilitates the transit of the proposal into the implementation of a real business. She also discussed the topic of investment and financing information.

Mariela Hague – Founder of the Paradero innovation and development training program -addressed key topics for innovation such as empathizing, toppling personal beliefs and generating a value proposition.

David Lemor, Director of Corporate Affairs, explained that these meetings are part of the platform of events that PERU LNG has designed to drive innovation among entrepreneurs in its area of influence.

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