PERU LNG contributes to the construction of the Alternance School in Cayramayo

PERU LNG contributes to the construction of the Alternance School in Cayramayo

2 Nov 2020

Thanks to this initiative, more than 50 students in the region will have access to a quality education.

Committed to improving the quality of life through access to basic education in their areas of influence, PERU LNG, together with the Municipality of Vinchos and the Center for Mining and Sustainability Studies of the University of the Pacific, joined forces to build the Cayramayo School of Alternance, an annex to the rural community of Paccha, located in the district of Vinchos, region of Ayacucho.

The school aims to address one of the main problems faced by thousands of children and teenagers in the Peruvian highlands: the very high level of school dropouts, both at the elementary and high school levels.It began construction in October 2018 and has the capacity to serve more than 50 students, with their respective dormitories; it also has 5 classrooms, science laboratories, workshops, a library, sports areas, greenhouses, among other facilities.

“Access to a good education, in terms of quality and infrastructure, is a vital aspect that ensures the development of a community. In PERU LNG, we are proud to lead initiatives hand in hand with the local government, for the benefit of thousands of children and adolescents, in compliance with all technical standards set by the Ministry of Education,” said Maria Julia Aybar, vice president and general manager of PERU LNG.

Only in the viability of the technical file, PERU LNG invested more than 20 thousand soles, in addition to what was destined to the training of the employees of the municipality of Vinchos for the elaboration of the project. Thanks to this training, the municipality has been able to access public financing for the construction of this important project, valued at 5 million soles.







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