PERU LNG donates housing modules to the Peruvian Air Force

PERU LNG donates housing modules to the Peruvian Air Force

Jun 2019

On June 28, Maria Julia Aybar, Vice President and General Manager of PERU LNG, was the guest of honor in the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Peruvian Air Force’s Special Force Group (GRUFE for its acronym in Spanish), today known as DOES (Defense and Special Operations).

During the ceremony held in Pucusana, it was inaugurated a group of 27 housing modules donated by PERU LNG. The modules have a capacity for 1728 people and serve not only as rooms, but also as offices and restrooms with all the services for the air force personnel at the base.

Along with the Air Force General Commander, Lieutenant General, Rodolfo Garcia Esquerre, who thanked for the donation, Maria Julia cut the ribbon and unveiled the commemorative plaque.

These modules, at their moment, were used to host the contractors’ personnel who were involved in PERU LNG’s plant construction.

It is important to point out that the FAP (Peruvian Air Force) Especial Force Group is trained for personnel recovery and hostage rescue, special recognition and direct action against objectives in VRAEM, as well as for help, search and rescue in the event of natural disasters.

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