PERU LNG is recognized at the II National Vicuña Forum 2021

PERU LNG is recognized at the II National Vicuña Forum 2021

24 Nov 2021

During the II National Forum of the Vicuña 2021 in Huancavelica, Mario Martín Huamaní Paucar -President of the rural community of Huaytará and President of the Association of Vicuña Conservationist Communities in the region- highlighted the support provided year after year by PERU LNG for the Chacco de la Vicuña (food for the organizers and participants) and for the rural communities of the Area of Influence for Development (AID) that carry out this activity.

He also thanked PERU LNG for the support provided with the purchase of supplies for the preparation of food that were provided to the organizers and participants of the event.

About the event

In order to discuss the current situation of the vicuña in Peru, representatives of the country’s vicuña-producing regions arrived in Huancavelica this month, as the region hosted the II National Vicuña Forum 2021, which seeks to promote this important productive sector for the benefit of the high Andean population.

To this end, the Regional Government of Huancavelica, through the Regional Directorate of South American Camelids (DIRCAMS), was responsible for developing the preparations that allowed the successful development of the event that brought together the vicuña producing regions of the country. The head of DIRCAMS, Mr. Fredy Canales Paco, announced that the national forum addressed proposals and alternatives to promote this important productive sector.

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