PERU LNG inaugurates archaeology exhibit at National Museum

PERU LNG inaugurates archaeology exhibit at National Museum

Aug 2011


On July 21st the archaeology exhibit, entitled “The State and the Private Sector : Allies for Cultural Preservation”, was inaugurated to present for the first time some of the artifacts discovered by PERU LNG during their archaeological recovery and monitoring project that was implemented between 2005 and 2009.

The Minister of Culture Juan Ossio and Minister of Energy and Mines Pedro Sánchez were both present at the inauguration, along with PERU LNG representatives, where they highlighted the importance of taking joint action to preserve Peru’s cultural heritage.

“One of the important contributions of this archaeological project is demonstrating the role that private companies play in major research endeavors, because without the logistical support that allows large investments to reach remote areas, it would be difficult to carry out archaeological research like this”, said David Lemor, Director of Corporate Affairs of PERU LNG.

The exhibit includes artifacts recovered along the 408 km PERU LNG pipeline and from the plant site. Over 200 archaeologists and almost 2,000 local workers took part in this research project which resulted in the discovery of ceramics, copper utilitarian artifacts, shells, textiles and food in a good state of preservation. The discoveries were supervised by the National Institute of Culture (currently Ministry of Culture) and all artifacts discovered by PERU LNG were delivered to the National Institute of Culture for conservation.

In addition to the museum exhibit, a compilation of project findings was published in a coffee table book with detailed and educational information, along with illustrative photos. This book begins with a prologue from the Minister of Culture, Juan Ossio and it aims to share this valuable information with the general public.

The main objective of PERU LNG’s archaeological project was to obtain the necessary Certificates of Non-Existence of Archaeological Remains (CIRA), of which all 231 CIRAs were obtained. These permits served as the base for PERU LNG’s efforts that went beyond legal requirements and contribute to the conservation of Peru’s cultural heritage.



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