PERU LNG opened exhibition of archaeological pieces in Ayacucho

PERU LNG opened exhibition of archaeological pieces in Ayacucho

Nov 2012

On November 13 PERU LNG inaugurated the archaeology exhibit entitled “State and Company: Allies in Cultural Recovery” at the Jose Maria Arguedas Exhibition Hall in Ayacucho. This event was attended by local authorities and representatives of PERU LNG along with the Director of Culture of Ayacucho, Mario Cueto, and the Vice-Minister of Culture and Cultural Industries, Rafael Varón,

The exhibit which was organized by the Ayacucho Office of Culture with the support of PERU LNG, displays archaeology findings from the Ayacucho area that date to the Wari and Warpa cultures. All the pieces included were discovered as part of the Archaeological Project conducted by PERU LNG from 2005 to 2009.

The Vice-Minister of Culture and Cultural Industries Rafael Varón, highlighted the cooperation between the company and the Ministry of Culture to promote research and the preservation of cultural heritage. “It has been a unique opportunity to recover archaeological data that otherwise would be unknown to us” remarked Varón.

PERU LNG’s Archaeological project is considered one of most extensive archaeological investigations ever carried out by a private company in Perú. It covered 408 kilometers of terrain along the pipeline, crossing the regions of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Ica and Lima, and investigated the 521 hectares of the plant. During the research, the PERU LNG team was assisted by over 200 Peruvian archaeologists and 2,000 local residents who participated in the field work. In total over 270 sites were investigated, which lead to thousands of findings that were handed over to the Peruvian State.

“This work has resulted in not only the exhibition of pieces that today we present, but also the development of a book that will undoubtedly contribute to the understanding of the Wari and Warpa cultures, among others from the Coast,” said David Lemor, Director of Corporate Affairs of PERU LNG who also thanked and congratulated PERU LNG’s team for their hard work and commitment that made the archaeology project possible.

The exhibition will remain in the Jóse María Arguedas Hall of the Ayacucho Office of Culture through February 2013.


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