PERU LNG and the CIED present “Agroprogreso”

PERU LNG and the CIED present “Agroprogreso”

Apr 2008

PERU LNG launched AgroProgreso this week in both Chincha and Cañete, the communities neighboring the PERU LNG plant.  This program fits into PERU LNG’s commitment to sustainable development in the areas where it operates.

AgroProgreso is a pilot program that seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of farming in the area of the PERU LNG plant.  This project will be carried out in the districts of San Vicente – Cañete, Grocio Prado and Sunampe in Chincha and include 300 small farmers and their families selected equitably between Cañete and Chincha.

The project is designed to enhance the development of management skills and technical capacities of small farmers to help them improve the quality, performance, diversity and quantity of their agricultural and livestock products, contributing to technological advancement and modernization of conventional farming activities in both provinces.  Additionally, it aims to promote the diversification of food, incorporating new and better administration, irrigation and production technologies.  The project will also begin the competitive integration of farm producers with the domestic and international markets through better organization, in order to develop capacities, to sell products, to build a culture of quality and to finalize relations with the PERU LNG suppliers.

The project was developed through a participatory process carried out in the selected areas designed to identify the main necessities and evaluate alternative sustainable development projects that might improve the incomes of the settlers in the areas close to the LNG plant.  PERU LNG has entrusted project execution to the NGO CIED (Investigation, Education and Development Center) due to its extensive experience in rural development.


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