PERU LNG project Mi Chacra Emprendedora (My Entrepreneurial Farm) wins an Award

PERU LNG project Mi Chacra Emprendedora (My Entrepreneurial Farm) wins an Award

Aug 2017

The initiative receives an Award to Best Practices in Public Management granted by Ciudadanos al Día

Mi Chacra Emprendedora” Project, implemented by PERU LNG and FONCODES at nine locations in the Ayacucho region, received the 2017 award to best practices in public management granted by Ciudadanos al Día (CAD), which recognizes efficient, successful and innovative projects and activities carried out with the purpose of serving citizens better each time.

This initiative encourages rural households in extreme poverty in the area of influence of the company to build sustainable livelihoods. Its implementation promotes productive capacities, economic initiatives and food security for 283 families from the villages of Hatunpallcca, Totora, Anchihuay, Sierra, Osqoqocha, Qollpa, Allpacorral, Pampanhuaylla, Cochas and Putacca.

Mi Chacra Emprendedora” was implemented through the convention signed in 2014 between PERU LNG and the Cooperation Fund for Social Development-FONCODES, through which the company committed to fund 100% of the intervention.

The project has enabled to provide support and technical assistance to Ayacucho families to improve their farming and livestock production, which was destined for self-consumption, in order to improve food and nutrition levels. Also encouraged was the use of nutritious recipes, the installation of improved stoves and keeping homes tidy.

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