First shipment of pipes arrives at Pisco Port

First shipment of pipes arrives at Pisco Port

Dec 2007

The first shipment of pipes for construction of the PERU LNG pipeline arrived at the port in Pisco, Ica late the evening of Thursday, December 6th.  This first shipment contains about 24,000 metric tons of pipe, which is approximately 4,448 sections of 34’’ diameter pipe.

“The seamless arrival and unloading of these pipes marks the start of our world class pipeline construction project,” said Barbara Bruce, General Manager of PERU LNG.

The shipment left India in late October and sailed around the horns of both Africa and South America before  arriving at the port in Pisco at the end of last week. In total the vessel was at sea for 37 days. Its arrival at the Pisco port is a notable event for the port since most ships carry cargo for several companies. This ship on the other hand was chartered exclusively by PERU LNG for shipment of pipe for its project.

The pipes from this first shipment will be stored temporarily in Pisco until they are transported directly to the pipeline right of way for construction. The   pipeline will extend an expanse of 408 kilometers from the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant  on the coast through Huancavelica to Chiquintirca, Ayacucho where it will connect to the existing Camisea gas pipeline.

The Pisco port was one of the areas most affected by the earthquake of August 15, 2007. The arrival of PERU LNG´s large shipments on a regular basis over the next year will provide a much needed economic stimulus to the port area.

PERU LNG is a world class project that will position Peru as leader in the liquefied natural gas industry in South America. The benefits generated by PERU LNG will be a great stimulus of development and growth for the country and its people.


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