First group of Peruvian LNG Plant Operators graduate for local technical institute

First group of Peruvian LNG Plant Operators graduate for local technical institute

Dec 2009

Graduates from PERU LNG’s Training Program, carried out in conjunction with the local technical institute TECSUP, will start working at the PERU LNG’s natural gas liquefaction plant in 2010.

On December 3rd, PERU LNG celebrated the graduation of the first group of Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant Operators in South America. All of the 42 graduates are Peruvian nationals that have completed the Operations Training Program sponsored out by PERU LNG at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior (TECSUP), and are now internationally certified (NVQ2, National Vocational Qualification).

PERU LNG’s Operations Training Program is the result of a partnership between PERU LNG and TECSUP whereby TECSUP received international accreditation from two well-known European accreditation agencies, City & Guilds and Edexcel, to develop the technical training programs.

“With this training program, PERU LNG is investing not only in Peruvian personnel by training national technicians, but also strengthening local education through certification of TECSUP as an internationally recognized training facility”, said PERU LNG General Manager Barbara Bruce.

More than 2,900 candidates underwent an exhaustive academic selection process and 42 candidates from different regions of Peru were selected for the training program. Twenty-two graduates will start working in the operation of PERU LNG’s natural gas liquefaction plant in 2010, while other 20 will continue training until they complete a special maintenance program.

Students have taken part in training programs consistent with their area of expertise, which have lasted approximately 16 months. They have managed to develop both technical capabilities and management skills (conflict resolution, coaching, decision-making, etc.) and have also taken intensive English language courses.

This program has received international recognition through the 2008 “Local Workforce Development” award by the CWC group, an organization dedicated to creating a global community of gas and petroleum industry experts.

Regarding PERU LNG’s Operations Training Program

The PERU LNG Operations Training Program began in 2007. TECSUP’s teachers were first trained by international experts. As a result, TECSUP achieved City & Guilds “National Vocational Qualification” (NVQ) certification. City & Guilds is the UK’s awarding body for work-related qualifications, including professional training, management and engineering. Moreover, at the end of the program, students specializing in maintenance will receive a Diploma in Operations and Maintenance, Level 3, from the British agency Edexcel.


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