Smithsonian and PERU LNG presented book on biodiversity

Smithsonian and PERU LNG presented book on biodiversity

Nov 2013

The book entitled “Monitoring Biodiversity. Lessons Learned from a Trans-Andean Megaproject”, published by the Smithsonian Institution, an organization founded more than 150 years ago and headquartered in Washington, contains a full and detailed assessment of flora and fauna species existing in the area of influence of PERU LNG.

This book shows the result of the investigations carried out since 2009 within the areas of influence of PERU LNG, covering the gas pipeline, which begins in Chinquintirca, Ayacucho, and ends at the Melchorita marine terminal, at Km. 163 of the South Pan American Highway.

“The scientific information gathered from these investigations is contributing significantly to the conservation of species in these areas. It has also been useful to give the company recommendations on the environmental management actions to be taken in its areas of influence, and contribute to conservation programs”, Francisco Dallmeier, author of the book and director of the Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability (CCES) of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, said.

The presentation ceremony took place on Monday, November 18th and was attended by more than 250 people. In his speech, the Minister of Energy and Mines highlighted the importance of this research model and the important role played by companies in the conservation of the environment. The Minister congratulated PERU LNG on this accomplishment and stressed that this important lesson shows how things can be done well.

The book was also presented in the city of Huamanga. Representatives from the regional government, educational institutions and specialized organizations attended the presentation ceremony.

“A company/science partnership is a valuable tool for designing environmental development plans. Peru is not alien to this trend, as our country is one of the most mega diverse countries in the world. That’s why major partnership agreements have been entered into between companies and scientists to carry out research on biodiversity. The publication of this book attests to this trend” Dallmeier stressed.



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