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PERU LNG was created on March 24, 2003 with the purpose of developing, building, and operating a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.

The company’s infrastructure includes a processing plant and its related facilities, marine facilities for LNG carriers and a 408 km pipeline.

To date, PERU LNG is the largest private investment in hydrocarbons made in the history of the country (3,800 million USD). During its construction phase, the company generated over 20 thousand jobs and contributed 2% to the GDP growth.

Our history


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  • (Español) 2020


Feasibility studies and evaluations are initiated for the project.



Earthmoving and civil engineering works begin on land owned by PERU LNG.



The final investment decision is made and the contract for the construction of the LNG plant is signed.


Laying of the foundation stone.



The year ended with important achievements in construction, such as laying of the base for one of the tanks.



Rock mobilization begins for the construction of breakwaters that form part of the marine terminal.




On June 10th, initiates the operations of PERU LNG, becoming the first natural gas liquefaction plant in South America.


On June 22nd, the first shipment of liquefied natural gas from PERU LNG plant is made.



Shipment number 100 is carried out; a milestone for the liquefied natural gas industry. Celebrating two years of operations of the PERU LNG plant.



PERU LNG built its LNG Truck Loading Facility that will promote the mass use of natural gas via the transport of this fuel to interior regions of the country.


The “Chacra Emprendedora - Haku Wiñay” project receives the 2017 Sustainable Development Award granted by the SNMPE, in recognition of the adoption of good social and environmental practices in the hydrocarbon sector within the framework of a sustainable development policy.



Nine years after the inauguration, PERU LNG plant continues its operations.


Shipment number 100 is carried out.

(Español) 2020


Anniversary June 10.


Ten years after its inauguration, the PERU LNG plant continues its operations.

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