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Our plant

PERU LNG consists of a 408 kilometer pipeline, a processing plant for liquefied natural gas, and a maritime terminal. PERU LNG gas pipeline starts in Ayacucho (in the community of Chiquintirca, province of la Mar, district of Anco) and continues to the Peruvian coast, where the LNG plant is located at kilometer 163 of South Pan-American Highway.

The pipeline and plant operations are in charge of Hunt LNG Operating Company, which not only develops its functions in compliance with the highest national and international standards, but also surpasses them and is an example of best practices in technical matters, as well as occupational, social and environmental safety matters.

Plant location

The plant is located on 521 hectares called “Pampa Melchorita” at kilometer 163 of the South Pan-American Highway.

The PERU LNG port facility can handle methane tankers carrying from 90 000 to 174 200 cubic meters of LNG, with a full-load displacement of 118 388 tons and a draught of up to twelve meters.

As well as its marine infrastructure, the PERU LNG terminal is equipped with the latest generation of systems to ensure that loading operations are programmed and carried out safely.

It should also be noted that the terminal had its ISO 9001:2015 certification renewed by TÜV Rheinlanden in 2021 to cover its quality assurance systems for LNG shipments and the provision of basic port services: berthing, unberthing, pilotage and towing. In 2020 Peru’s National Port Authority renewed the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) certification together with its Peruvian Special Port Facility (IPE) and Port Safety certificates, both for a further five years.

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