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PERU LNG donates 1,100 biosafety kits to Ayacucho, Cañete and Chincha

In order to join forces to confront COVID-19 in our country, PERU LNG made an important donation of 1,100 biosafety kits to the cities of Ayacucho, Cañete and Chincha.
Of this delivery, 600 kits were destined for the COVID-19 Command in Ayacucho, 350 for the Rezola hospital in Cañete and 150 for the San José hospital in Chincha. On June 30, the donations were delivered in the cities of Chincha and Cañete, while on Monday, July 13, the donation was made in Ayacucho.

Each kit includes: 1 waterproof coverall, 1 waterproof apron, 1 surgical cap, 1 drill shoe cover and 1 lined mask. All products are made of Taslan fabric, which makes them safe, washable, anti-fluid and reusable.
This delivery is part of several actions that the company has been carrying out for the benefit of the community in the face of the current health emergency. PERU LNG operates under the strictest occupational health and safety protocols in normal situations. Now, due to the situation and in order to continue operating, the company has adopted even more demanding measures and new ways of working to protect its collaborators, contractors and suppliers.