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PERU LNG receives 2010 CAREC social responsibility award for its ForPyme program

On September 21, 2010, PERU LNG received the CAREC 2010 social responsibility award for its ForPyme program. This social responsibility program is developed by PERU LNG in coordination with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and promotes the strengthening of business management and the creation of business links between entrepreneurs and local suppliers in Chincha and CaƱete.

The Training Resources Administration Committee (CAREC) is an organization composed of representatives of the hydrocarbons industry that promotes initiatives related to technology transfer and training in the sector. More specifically, the CAREC Award recognizes hydrocarbon companies that have been implementing exemplary social responsibility programs in the area of influence of their operations. This award was presented to PERU LNG by Daniel Saba, Chairman of the Board of CAREC and PeruPetro.

The ForPyme program was recognized for its success in creating commercial ties between local companies and suppliers. In addition, the ForPyme program assists small entrepreneurs with the improvement of their plans, training programs, and adequate commercial articulation. In 2009, the program identified and registered 241 SMEs, of which 116 developed their improvement plans, 43 received technical assistance and 14 achieved the desired commercial articulation by registering as suppliers of various companies in the area. In addition, in 2009 more than 500 people were trained through ForPyme in topics related to finance, planning, accounting, human resources, legislation, foreign markets, agribusiness and others. Throughout 2010 these numbers continue to grow as ForPyme reaches more and more small businesses locally.