Environmental and social responsibility

Safety and health


At PERU LNG we are committed to creating a safe working environment for all employees and contractors, and to serving as social and environmental guardians in the communities in which we operate.

PERU LNG activities are performed according to the Sustainability Policy. This policy incorporates the Peruvian standards and other commitments of the company, with the purpose of always maintaining the highest standards in Health and Occupational Safety.

The Integrated Management System is certified according to the requirements of ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)


According to the commitments of the Sustainability Policy of PERU LNG, the company incorporates mechanisms to protect the safety of the people and the processes.

PERU LNG has developed Emergency Response Plans (ERP), which address all hazards and risks identified and evaluated regarding the activities of natural gas liquefaction operation and of the pipeline. These plans are designed to protect the lives of workers and of the residents in the surrounding areas.

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