Economic inclusion of local families in Ayacucho

Economic inclusion of local families in Ayacucho

Jan 2017

A public-private partnership between FONCODES, an entity that reports to the Ministry of Social Inclusion, and PERU LNG benefits 155 families in the district of San Miguel, located in the province of La Mar, Ayacucho Region, through the so-called Haku Wiñay project. The District Municipality also participates in the project.

This initiative broadens the economic perspectives of families in Ayacucho. As a matter of fact, apart from improving their income level by carrying out productive activities, local families also improve their standard of living within the framework of the project as they gain access to safe drinking water and benefit from the installation of improved stoves in their homes.

The investment, which amounts to S/.1,386,000, has helped people in San Miguel benefit from the implementation of sprinkler irrigation systems, crop production systems in open fields, and Guinea Pig and laying hen raising projects.  59 technified sheep farming modules have also been implemented within the framework of the project.

This partnership agreement which involves the participation of three parties – local communities, PERU LNG and the State – has made it possible to boost and strengthen people’s production skills and rural entrepreneurship in the localities of Cochas, Putacca, Pampanhuaylla, and Allpacorral.

The program has also boosted the production of vegetables, potato, broad beans, barley and other crops by using organic fertilizers. Moreover, families now have more water available and are engaged in technified Guinea pig, hen and sheep raising projects.

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