PERU LNG Recycles to Help

PERU LNG Recycles to Help

9 Jun 2021

Through the Environment Team, PERU LNG successfully completed the third delivery of seven tons of cardboard to support the work of the Asociación de Ayuda al Niño Quemado (ANIQUEM).

ANIQUEM is a Peruvian non-governmental, non-profit organization that for 21 years has been providing free rehabilitation to children with burn injuries and promoting a culture of prevention of these injuries.

The recent Plant shutdown allowed us to collect a considerable amount of cardboard from the boxes and wrappings of filters, equipment, spare parts and other materials used in the different areas, including the kitchen.

This cardboard is donated to ANIQUEM, which is in charge of selling it, and with the money obtained, masks from special material for patients surviving second and third degree burns (the most serious ones).

But there is more, by giving a new use to cardboard, we also contribute to the environment because we avoid cutting down trees and save energy, indicators that translate into less CO2 generation to create new material and therefore reduce the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Recycling avoids the use of space in landfills, these materials are pollutants to the environment. Recycling also allows the creation of new jobs.

In PERU LNG we are happy to be able to collaborate with ANIQUEM, which, since its foundation, has helped more than 5,800 patients, of which 30% come from other regions of the country, achieving a significant improvement in their quality of life and the ability to resume their usual rhythm of life.

With this action, we join as a company to a work whose main objective is to “change pain for smiles and scars for hope”.

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