PERU LNG’s Management Committee Meeting took place in Ayacucho for the first time

PERU LNG’s Management Committee Meeting took place in Ayacucho for the first time

Jun 2019

The MCM is PERU LNG’s shareholder board meeting that takes place three times a year with the aim of reviewing the business status, the annual budget (especially for any unforeseen change) as well as the approval of necessary projects for the operation and the support for new initiatives.

Carrying out the meeting in Ayacucho lets the shareholders visit several places where PERU LNG’s operations take place and lets them know about the results of the social programs that are developed along with the communities.

For instance, in the Cayramayo community, visitors got gladly surprised by the thorough work that is done with the alpaca fiber transformation, giving the locals not only a new added value work tool, but the possibility of rescuing and transferring ancient knowledge like dyeing the wool with natural products.

The shareholders were also witnesses of the progress of primary students’ reading comprehension thanks to the support of the “Leer es estar adelante” social program that PERU LNG and the BBVA foundation actively promote.

After the three-day visit, the guests got satisfied by the social work that the company carries out in this rural zone that is 4500 m above sea level, which in turn forced more than one visitor to use oxygen bottles provided by PERU LNG.

In this MCM edition, the following executives participated: Igor Salazar (representing Hunt), Martín Rueda and Kevin Allen (Shell), Bo Seo and Jung Kyoon Park (SK), Mano Keichiiro and Tomoharu Nishimura (Marubeni) and PERU LNG’s team led by its General Manager, María Julia Aybar, and the Security, QHSE and Communication teams.

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